Easter Bunny Open - Permanently Cancelled

Due to declining participation Avid has decided to retire the Easter Bunny Open.
Thanks to the many anglers who took part over the years!

April 16, 2022 Results

This year the EBO field was small, at only six boats, due to a number of factors: Being so late in the spring there were other events held on the same weekend that no doubt drew anglers away; plus, the weather forecast for 20-30 mph winds on always-blustery Long Pond surely kept away others. Even host club Avid only mustered 3 boats for various reasons.

The wind was indeed tricky as it blew from the south and west all day, providing very few sheltered spots for finesse fishing, and it swirled and gusted unpredictably. The day started with a hazy overcast that did not burn off until about noon and kept temperatures in the mid 50s. Once the sun did break through it was a warming relief to anglers and it pushed the air temperature to about 60. Nevertheless, the strong wind kept anyone from feeling really comfortable. Water temperature ranged from 50 to 52 in various parts of the lake.

Conditions made for tough fishing and the event lacked the huge winning weights and giant lunkers of some past contests. In total 17 fish were weighed, all smallmouth. This included two limits by the first and second place finishers. Because of the small field the event paid out only two places, though the third place team did receive a traditional chocolate Easter bunny.

That third place team was Avid’s own Ed Doyle and Dave Waugh who weighed 4 fish that totaled 9.01 lbs. Second place went to the team of Doug Cameron and Anthony DeKicchi whose 13.35 limit of smallies missed out on first place by a mere .16 lbs. And finally, no strangers to the leaderboard, Dave Andrews and Scott Leppanen were crowned 2022 Easter Bunny Open champs. This marks the third time in six years that the pair has come out on top. Their winning bag weighed 13.51 lbs. and contained the day’s lunker fish, a nice 4.23 lb. smallmouth. Since no largemouth were caught they claimed a combined lunker pot to add to their winnings.

Thanks to all who participated this year. Happy Easter!

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1. Dave Andrews & Scott Leppanen 5 13.51
2. Doug Cameron & Anthony DeKicchi 5 13.35
3. Ed Doyle & Dave Waugh 4 9.01
4. John Shpack & Tim Baurley 3 4.70
5. Jared & Gary McCartney 0 0.00
6. Al Simmons & Rich R. 0 0.00
Lunker LM: None
Lunker SM: Andrews and Leppanen 4.23 lb.

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