2024 Tournament Report

Mashpee-Wakeby - May. 19, 2024


John Starts 2024 With Two In a Row After Win at Mashpee

John Shpack took his second consecutive win to begin the 2024 season, this time at Mashpee.

The weather for mid-May was reminiscent of a mid-April affair, with both sustained and gusty winds out of the north-northeast, temps in the low 50s, and mist, fog, and solid overcast throughout the day. The event started at 8 am and the weather remained essentially unchanged until weigh-in at 4:30 pm. As the fishing concluded there were a few very brief peek of sun. Water temperature throughout the lake was a consistent 59 degrees.

Expectations were that at least the smallmouth would be bedding, with a chance of some largemouth action too. Due to this year’s cool, wet spring however, the spawn was not yet in high gear. Some smallmouth beds were present but the fish were not locked onto them yet, only moving up very late in the day once the skies brightened a bit. There was very little sign of largemouth activity anywhere.

When it was over, John won the battle, bringing in a mixed limit of fish that weighed 8.48. In second was Dave Waugh who bagged three smallmouth that weighed 8.14 lbs and included the day’s lunker of 4.02 lbs. In total, 4 largemouth and 10 smallmouth were caught.

Not a great day, but not bad considering the conditions and the pressure the lake endured over the previous week, which saw 3 other tournaments held there. Plus, everybody weighed fish. Next up is Singletary on June 29 when it will - hopefully! - be much warmer!

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1 Shpack, John 5 8.48 - - 8.48510
2 Waugh, Dave 3 8.14 4.02 - 8.14496
3 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 3 5.15 - - 5.15486
4 Doyle, Ed 2 3.60 - - 3.60474
5 Beaumier Jr., Al 1 2.07 2.07 - 2.07462
Lunker award: 4.02 lb., Dave Waugh
Number of fish caught: 14
Gross weight: 27.44 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.96 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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