2021 Tournament Report

Wequaquet - Apr. 24, 2021


Shpack figures them out at Wequaquet

Avid traveled to Wequaquet Lake in Barnstable for our first qualifying event of 2021. At stake was $640 in prize money for first through third places and lunker, as well as Angler of the Year points.

The day’s weather was forecast to be sunny and warm with highs in the upper 60s, but with a 10-15 southwest wind. The forecast held true except for the winds. Sustained speeds were 15-20 for most of the day and saw gusts over 30mph. Needless to say, anglers spent most of the day in the sheltered back ponds and coves or on the leeward side of the lake.

Water temps at the start of the day--which was 8 am instead of the usual 7 am--were about 53-54 degrees but, after a healthy dose of sunshine and warm wind, ended in the upper 50s, pushing 60 in the shallower coves and flats.

Most anglers reported catching fish shallow on those warmer flats and some even very tight to shore. There were very few reports of bedding fish.

At the scales, third place money was awarded to co-angler Jeff Lin for 3 largemouth that totaled 5.49 lbs. Second place went to co-angler Nick Mulcahy with a limit of 3 largemouth and 2 smallmouth (only 6 smallmouth were weighed in total) that topped the 10 lb. mark at 10.43. Nick’s bag included a hefty 4.40 lb. largemouth that narrowly missed lunker by .04 lb. The winner and lunker award went to John Shpack, who weighed a mixed limit of 4 largemouth and 1 smallmouth totalling 13.44 lbs. John’s lunker largemouth weighed 4.44 lbs.

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1 Shpack, John 5 13.44 4.44 - 13.44510
2 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 5 10.43 4.40 - 10.43500
3 Lin, Jeff (N) 3 5.49 2.40 - 5.49486
4 Caudle, Mike 4 5.32 1.74 - 5.32478
5 Waugh, Dave 2 4.80 2.76 - 4.80464
6 Doyle, Ed 2 3.90 2.08 - 3.90454
7 Jenness, Jeff 1 0.79 0.79 - 0.79442
Lunker award: 4.44 lb., John Shpack
Number of fish caught: 22
Gross weight: 44.17 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 2.01 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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