2022 Tournament Report

Singletary - Aug. 6, 2022


Mike Caudle Dishes Out a Beatdown at Singletary

Avid wrapped up its 2022 qualified season with a visit to Singletary. Two weeks after our last event, at Manchaug, the area was still enveloped in a deep, weeks-long heat wave that saw daily air temperatures soaring into the 90s with drenching humidity. All that heat pushed local water temps well above 80 degrees. Singletary was no different, with a surface temperature of 83 at the start of the day and 85 by weigh-in time at 2 o-clock.

However, unlike Manchaug, the ramp and lake traffic were downright light, and the entire lake was accessible and calm. Perhaps the forecast of the threat of storms kept the pleasure boaters off the water. Those storms never materialized though, and the sun beat down all day from a partly cloudy sky. Luckily, there was a light south-southwest breeze to help keep things tolerable for anglers.

As for the bite, the fish were fairly aggressive all day long and 4 of the 5 anglers weighed limits, and no one was shut out. Reports indicated fish came from sparse shallow grass (there had been a weed kill earlier in the year) and deeper 10-16 foot levels. Only Mike Caudle was able to find and figure out the big ones though. And figure them out he did, to the tune of a 14.22 pound winning limit that included the day’s lunker, a fine 4.30 largemouth. No smallmouth were weighed. John Shpack took the second of the two paid places with a limit of 8.88 pounds.

Being the final contest of the season meant that the 2022 Angler and Coangler of the Year titles would be decided at Singletary too. Ed Doyle, leading the AOY points race going into the event, was unable to fish and therefore not present to defend his lead. Dave Waugh, second in AOY points, finished third for the day, high enough to maintain his points lead over John and hold off a charge at the title. In the end, Dave came away with his first AOY title after many years with the club. Nick Mulcahy was crowned the Coangler of the year for the third time and first since 2018.

Next up is our non-qualifying event, the annual Mystery Lake Tournament.

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1 Caudle, Mike 5 14.22 4.30 - 14.22510
2 Shpack, John 5 8.88 - - 8.88500
3 Waugh, Dave 5 7.13 2.27 - 7.13490
4 Mulcahy, Nicholas (N) 5 6.31 - - 6.31480
5 McCartney, Jared 3 4.59 2.12 - 4.59466
Lunker award: 4.30 lb., Mike Caudle
Number of fish caught: 23
Gross weight: 41.13 lbs.
Average weight per fish: 1.79 lbs.
Survival rate: 100.00%

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